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March 26, 2013, the seminar of Semipower Power Device Testing & Application Center, “Hi-rel Device/System Testing and Application” was held by Semipower, Xi'an Science and Technology Market, Xi'an IC Industry Development Center, and Xi'an High-tech Enterprises Association, The seminar was officially launched, by related leaders and the guests speeches. There were nearly a hundred industry guests and colleagues attended the ceremony.
The seminar lasted three days, it included keynote speeches, laboratory visit, group discussing and school lecures. The guests from faraway had expressed it’s a worthwhile trip and learned a lot through the rich and wonderful contents.
Guests attending the launch ceremony from right to left were, Mr. Kasim Altin, application experts of PVA Germany; Mr. David J. Lohr,, technical development director, ITC U.S,; Mr. He Xiaoning, director of Xi’an IC Industry development center; Mr. Jia Qiang, secretary of development & reform and commerce bureau of Xi’an Hi-tech zone committee; Mr. Gao Jiping, deputy; secretary of Xi’an science and technology bureau; Mr Zhang Weiguo, market director of Xi’an science and technology market; Mr Luo Yi, Semipower general manager and Ms Liu Chen, director of Semipower.T&A cente

Keynote speech

In order to fully develop the platform function of Testing & Application Center, and let the attending guests to know the latest development in industry,, the seminar sponsor invited the industry experts and top management from well-known enterprises all of the world. They made a deep discussion and communication about the development of power device testing technology, applications, and system solution. The site atmosphere is heated by the warm discussion, Guests had a interaction with the experts during speeches. The experts answered questions comprehensively one by one, which promoted better understanding between upstream and downstream enterprises. The wonderful speech from experts ended in applause.

Speech schedule:
Mr. David J. Lohr, Technology Development Mr. Walter Wu. Application expert, Qualmark Mr. Lester Xu, General Manager of Votsch Dr.Zeng, Executive Vice President of Technology Mr. Kasim Altin, Technical Support Specialist, PVA Germany.

To visit the Xi'an Testing & Application Center

Since the Testing & Application Center opened, it had already received a lot of experts in the semicon industry and related major students for visiting and investigation., It got highly praise from them. The guests attending this seminar were looking forward to the visiting.
On March 27, under Semipower GM Mr. Luo Yi and Center director Ms. Liu Chen’s guiding, the guests visited the center. Ms.Liu introduced the laboratory equipments and testing items one by one. And the experts answered, technical questions about the new equipments and discussed new test technologies with them. The guests praised the achievements of Testing & Application Center and expressed confidence to development of the laboratory.


After the visit, and technical communication, in the afternoon, the guests carried out the group discussions on device testing, failure analysis, system testing and reliability testing in a relaxed atmosphere.
The experts of semiconductor industry, the CTO of ITC Mr. Dave and the Testing & Application Center engineers attended the device testing discussion. Everyone is interested in dynamic test of ITC57300 equipment,, especially in MOSFET reverse recovery test., People put forward their opinions. The discussion solved how to improve di/dt test conditions set through adjusting the related setup (VDD, Lload Pusle Duration, Vg). It satisfied the worst condition testing in customer developing phase, and greatly expanded the testing capability of the device testing laboratory.
During the discussion, Mr Edward, the senior test engineer of Fairchild, and Mr. Dave exchanged views about standard method and circuit setting of diode Peak dv/dt testing in align with MIL - STD – 750F. Besides they discussed actual implementation of laboratory equipment, and realizing method of testing module +Labview architecture.
In failure analysis discussion group, Mr. Kasim Altin from the international well-known SAM suppliers of PVA, explained the problems raised by power supply companies, universities and assembly manufacturers. His words combined the live demonstration and theory explanation, attracted much attention of technical personnel. Mr Kasim Altin conducted the nondestructive ultrasonic testing to special metal package for a company which help to solve the problem had troubled them for years.
The system testing team engineers also carried out the corresponding technical communication. The HALT/HASS experiment fixture design, the difference of fixture between circuit board and power supply system and other technical problems were preliminarily determined during the discussion among system Lab supervisor Mr Zhu Peng, application engineer Emma and Mr.Walter Wu, the HALT/HASS application specialist. Meanwhile, the Testing & Application Center technical personnel also had a discussion with Mr. Yu Ming, engineer of the international rectifier (IR) Xi 'an application center on new issues arising in the new trend of new technology when client application.
In the reliability group, the Testing & Application Center engineers ,Votsch(China) general sales manager Mr. Xu Zhongliang, CESI, Hebei Semiconductor Research Institute and other research institutions and manufacturers took part in the discussion and communication on the environmental testing standard, new reliability test technologies and the problems actually encountered., They especially gave some good advices to selection and optimization of the temperature shock testing patterns, Mr. Xu pointed out that time optimization model can save energy when ensure the effectiveness, normal mode is one of the most common mode, time optimization model designed to low temperature rise rate caused by big samples begins timing after temperature meet the related requirements. Those different testing mode required by corresponding test conditions may benefit product quality evaluation and reliability test.

The school lecture

Xi’an Testing & Applications Center uphold the policy to provide more support for future semiconductor industry practitioners in campus. The center so far had held dozens of lectures at colleges and universities, and made a broad impact.
At present, the students usually own in rich theoretical knowledge but lack of practical ability. On March 28 to 29m, Mr. David J. Lohr from ITC, Mr Xu from Votsch and Mr. Kasim Altin from PVA were invited by Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University and Chang'an University to give lectures. Their lectures focused on power cycling, applications of intermittent life test, environment testing of power devices, the latest developments in the ultrasonic imaging and analytical techniques for semiconductor device applications. Their lectures started from the testing equipment utility and testing data analysis, focused on testing theory combined with the latest technology to come up to multi-faceted education to students.
Mr.David made a detailed explanation and analysis by referencing test curves. He answered the questions raised by students to let them to understand it better.
The series lectures got highly appreciated by college students and teachers, as well as the professional audiences, and all seats of lecture classroom were occupied. The students crowed in the lecture room and attend the Q&A actively. Most of them had said that they were benefitted from the lectures and looked forward to the next seminars.

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