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Xi’an Semipower Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Semipower) is a high-tech enterprise specially engaged in R&D, design, manufacture and sale of medium and high-power field effect transistors (entire series MOSFET products ranging from high voltage to low voltage), specially purpose rectifiers (including fast-recovery diodes and Schottky diodes), bridge rectifiers and power management IC.
Semipower was established and registered in Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone, Xi’an in 2008. By dint of the preferential supportive policies of High-Tech Zone, rich manpower resources of Xi’an as well as attention and support paid by the government in recent years, Semipower grows rapidly and now is a leading and top-ranking power device supplier in China.Wish Semipower be your core loyal partner,Samwin products will be your best choice of green power system.
Semipower owns a self-owned brand named SAMWIN, series products of which have now been widely adopted in many fields such as chargers of hand-held devices (mobile phones, pads and e-books); power systems of laptops, desk computers, servers and cloud servers; inverter power systems of automobiles; HID automobile lighting systems; LED lighting systems; power systems of charging piles for electric vehicles and electric motor cars; hand-held electric tools; internet-connecting products (Set Top Box); solar energy inverter power systems and medical devices etc. SAMWIN products are the choices of well-known domestic and international companies, and they can be found in chargers of NOKIA, LG, APPLE, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA, ASUS, Xiaomi, Meizu, OPPO, LENOVO and AMAZON mobile phones and pads, in energy-saving lights and electronic rectifiers made by PHILIP, displayers made by GreatWall Computer, laptop power adapters and power engines of HP, automobile electronic products manufactured by NFA, UPS offered by KSTAR, power sources of Skyworth televisions, solar energy inverter power systems of LG-related enterprises and even in Indian domestic after-sale maintenance market for internet-connecting power systems. Semipower has won great recognition in power industry due to good enterprise reputation and stable product quality.
Headquartered in Xi’an, Semipower invested 35 million RMB and built a national-grade power device testing & application center there as well, which mainly performs power device parameter detection, reliability testing, system analysis and failure analysis. Besides cooperating internally to do quality inspection and testing during design, manufacture and delivery, the Center is also capable to provide testing and inspection services as a certified third-party testing organization. Semipower has R&D teams in Shanghai and Suzhou, taking the main responsibility to develop advanced technologies for the company, and the entire Super Junction MOSFET product line was designed by Shanghai (and Suzhou) R&D Center. Shenzhen Semipower mainly engages in business, projects, quality control and storage, and provides relevant services to south China market. Taiwan Office was established in February, 2014, and has built business or technical cooperative relationship with main Taiwanese power companies such as CHICONY, LITEON, AcBel, DELTA and Salcomp Taiwan etc, providing technical and professional services in relation to MOSFET power devices, rectifiers and diodes.
Semipower is the first enterprise to introduce international-class MOSFET technologies to China, and it independently researched and then developed the first Chinese self-owned MOSFET device in 2003 by cooperating with R&D teams from Fairchild, which marks the beginning and blooming of Chinese MOSFET products. Semipower persists in investing power device fields like MOSFET, diodes and rectifiers, cultivating R&D talents and developing advanced technologies, in hope of providing better services to customers.
Adhering to the operation principles of “innovation, integrity, harmony and gratitude”, Semipower offers high-quality products, perfect services and integrated technical support to customers as always. Semipower is a loyal partner, and SAMWIN products are your best choice for green power system.



? National-Level High-Tech Enterprise
? NDRC Special Fund Supported Enterprise
? One of Hundreds Most-Growing Startups of Chinese Overseas Scholars Pioneer Park
? Executive Member of China Power Supply Society
? Education/Training Base for University Students Designated by MOST
? Executive Member of Shaanxi Province Semiconductor Industry Association
? Shaanxi Province Semiconductor Power Devices Testing & Application Engineering Laboratory
? Model Enterprise in Xi’an Science and Technology Market
? Demonstration Platform & Appointed Service Provider for Shaanxi Small and Medium Enterprises
? Xi’an Municipal Enterprise Technology Center
? Products Passed Reliability Evaluation of CONSTIND
? ISO9001:2008 Certified
? ISO14001:2004 Certified
? All Products REACH and HF Certified