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Semipower is a core market-oriented and agents domestic and foreign audio and video integrated circuits, holding the semiconductor design company based in the new semiconductor sales company. Our products are mainly concentrated in the audio-visual products, resources, speakers, amplifiers, communication products, switching power supply.Numerous product categories, compared with competitor's products with good price, speed in product development and product supply security has a unique advantage.
Become more sophisticated in our products, product lines growing more and more ,product advantages become apparent, we increasingly feel the lack of talent the company product line, we hope to have more people to join our team, create the brilliant tomorrow in national semiconductor industry with us.
We warmly welcome the same conditions described in our industry, E-MAIL your resume to send to us, we will contact you as soon as possible. We sincerely look forward to your arrival!
We believe that years of operating the platform, the company will be showing you a better life in the big stage.


Internet sales
Job Description:
1, according to company policy and sales of daily work tasks;
2, independently control of the entire sales process, including negotiations, pricing, signing, the back section;
3, establish a good working relationship between customers;
4, the organization develop a variety of sales methods , achieve individual sales plan and collection tasks;
5, complete other tasks assigned by the company.
Requirements: excellent foreign language who specializes in Internet sales, English, Arabic, French and Russian expertise are preferred, Urgent!
Customer Support
Customer field-trouble solution and requirement collections .Basic software development, master a programming language, strong sense of responsibility Good communication, presentation, able to endure hardship
Systems Analyst
Responsibilities: Application system planning, requirements analysis, risk assessment and project schedule management.
Qualifications: proficiency programming in Windows operating system and master VC + + / C + +, system analysis and design capabilities, according to project needs work independently and systems analysis and design, give solutions of the proposed system hardware, software programs, able to break down and integrated modular system and has more than three years relevant experience.
Software Programmer
Responsibilities: The system features software development, testing and write an instruction manual.
1,master VC program development, proficient in system programming, familiar with TCP / IP protocol;
2, more than two years experience in application development VC,finished complete project experience is preferred;
3, team development experience is preferred;
4, strong written documentation skills and good communication skills;
5, using one of the the Oracle / SQL SERVER database.
Hardware maintenance
Basic troubleshooting equipment with electronic technology, familiar with the basic electronic components function. Able to read the general circuit diagram, with the assembly of electronic products, circuit board repair capacity and familiar with the welding.
1, college education, below 30 years of age;
2, good communication skills, fluent in Mandarin;
3, good adaptability and learning ability, practical, hard;
4, can be competent to work under pressure and ability to face challenges;
5, the love of sales, have a positive enthusiastic attitude and team spirit;
6, the Internet, network, IT, consumer goods, insurance sales experience is preferred.
7, familiar with office software , outstanding foreign languages, specializing in Internet sales, English, Arabic, French and Russian expertise are preferred, Urgent!

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