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SCIENCE TEST, INC (USA) is an advanced company engaged in designing and producing super power curve tracer and automatic semiconductor testing equipment, and Mr. John Bailey, President of STI has participated in stipulating the U.S. Military Standards. STI provides stable, reliable and U.S. Military Standards-meeting products, which have been widely adopted in semiconductor device design and manufacture worldwide, it also provide support and assistance to its customers on scale production, quality control and final test.


INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION (ITC) (USA) is a leading enterprise in the fields in relation to IC probe card inspection instrument, semiconductor dynamic testing and intermittent life testing. It owns multiple patents, and the excellent performances of its products have made ITC the choice for many advanced semiconductor enterprises.


Qualmark (USA) is the largest company in the world that provides HALT (highly accelerated life test) equipment and relevant services to many industries including automobile, aviation, computer, consumer electronics and communication etc. and thousands of companies in over 30 countries. It has many Asian customers as well.


Votsch (Germany) was established in 1929 and headquartered in Balingen, a city near to Stuttgart in south Germany. Currently it has become one of the most famous high-tech manufacturers dedicated in designing and making environment simulated experiment devices. Votsch mainly offers high-low temperature test chamber/high-low temperature humidity chamber, laboratory/industrial high temperature test chambers of rapid temperature change, temperature shock, integrated temperature humidity vibration, salt-spray corrosion, low pressure, etchant gas or sunshine plus climate simulation etc., vacuum drying test chamber and various large non-standard equipments. Votsch was the first one that obtained ISO DIN 9001 quality assurance certification in 1992 among the world’s environment testing industry.

德国PVA Tepla公司

PVA Tepla (Germany) is a leading innovative equipment supplier in the world. The products offered by PVA Tepla are widely utilized to analyze and dispose complex materials. As a vacuum specialist that produces high-temperature and plasma processing equipment, it is capable to provide equipments like vacuum oven and crystal growing furnace, and services like plasma cleaning for industries like semiconductor, hard alloy, power, electron, automobile, spaceflight, chemical, environmental protection, materials, surface treatment, food industry as well as many kinds of energy technology industries.


Analysistech (USA) is an international supplier of reliability testing equipment for electronic instrument and electronic packaging and is capable to do both design and manufacture. Analysistech was established in Massachusetts, USA in 1983. It has promoted the development of instrument tracking electronic packaging technology, and it owns over 30 years’ experience in design and manufacture electronic instruments that meet the general basic standards.


Agilent Technologies (NYSE:A) (USA) is a high-tech transnational corporation established by Hewlett Packard (USA) through strategic reorganization, and is a leading measurement company over the world. Agilent was listed in November 18, 1999, and the headquarter is in Palo Alto City, California, USA. With the support of strong scientific research power of its central lab., Agilent mainly focus on leading-edge high technology related business such as communication system, automatic system, testing, measurement, semiconductor products, life science and chemical study. The outstanding measurement technology offered by it has been widely adopted in research and development of induction, analytic, display and data communication products.


HIRAYAMA (Japan) was established in 1924 and is a professional factory engaged in researching and manufacturing high pressure sterilizer. It produces all types high pressure sterilizers with stable performances, which have been widely used in laboratories of microbiology, medical science and science research etc. Adhering to its tradition of research & innovation for many years, HIRAYAMA offers products that are the top among similar ones.